DOROTHY – “Raise Hell”


“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” 
– Albert Einstein

The Lulu Chronicles are the story of my journey & my internet discoveries and interests. It is my attempt to CLARIFY these topics, SIMPLIFY them to the main point, and then help others IMPLEMENT changes in their own life to pursue self-revelation, self-expression, happiness and LOVE.

Welcome to the Re(LOVE)ution.


My Focus

Information is power.

I believe in the “Age of Technology” you can easily find any information you want, and learn new hobbies with a simple YouTube search.

As a Millennial, I think we’re witnessing a huge change in the way we interact with each other and technology.

Traditionally, institutions of power maintain that power through withholding privileged information, and then using that information to develop a competitive advantage.

Now, the information is out there, its available, but the problem doesn’t come in access to the information as much as the channels directing to it and individuals knowing what to do with it when they find it.

How can we sort through the vast amounts of information, and see through modern media messages that inundate our daily lives? The Lulu Chronicles is my attempt to gather information I find interesting and relevant, and I hope you find something interesting as well!

If we want to BElieve THEre is GOOD in the world,
we have to BE THE GOOD.